Other Documents

Below is a list of documents relevant to the ongoing situation but NOT produced by Concerned Pomona Students, arranged chronologically:


November 8

Oxtoby’s First Public Statement of Document Audit

November 22

Letter from the Claremont Colleges Latino Alumni Coalition

November 28

Board of Trustees: Response to Open Letter

November 29

Feldblum: On Community Actions and Protests

November 30

Michael Teter’s Original Letter to the Board

Letter from the National Employment Law Project

December 1

Feldblum: Response to Community Actions

Oxtoby: Announcement of 17 Terminations

Email from Scripps President Lori Bettison-Varga

December 2

Feldblum: Announcement of Arrests and Civil Disobedience

December 5

Michael Teter’s Follow-up Letter to the Board

December 9

Oxtoby: Response to Student Fast

December 20

Board of Trustees: Follow-up to Campus Meetings


January 17

Board of Trustees: On the Student-Trustee Taskforce

February 16

Feldblum: Update from the Trustee-Student Taskforce on Communication

March 1

Feldblum: Trustee-Student Task Force on Campus Community Communication Final Recommendations and Next Steps

March 5

ASPC Senate Resolution

May 15

Board of Trustees Review Committee Report


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