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The Claremont Progressive: Alternative Donations

From The Claremont ProgressiveLink to original article

Rather than donating to the Senior Gift, we can choose to donate to alternative funds that directly support the dining hall workers. One such fund is with the Center for the Working Poor, an inter-faith intentional, registered 501(c)(3) organization committed to strategic non-violent social change. It delivers food directly to workers fired for being involved in unionization campaigns and speaking up about poor working conditions. Last semester, the Center delivered food to the 16 fired dining hall workers and has agreed to host a fund to renew that effort. All one-time donations to the Center for the Working Poor will go directly towards this fund for fired Pomona dining hall workers. For more information about the Center, please visit: To donate now, click on the donate button on the right side of the page. Feel free to send any questions or comments to the Progressive’s email address at theclaremontprogressive[at]gmail[dot]com.