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VIDEO: Pomona Fires Latino Workers


Never forget

Participants in the extended vigil painted Walker Wall today in recognition of the seventeen employees terminated by Pomona College at the end of the document reverification process.


Photos from last night’s meeting

Cookies, cupcakes, and hot coffee provided by the dining hall workers

Students discuss the drafting of another letter at a late-night meeting.

Photos from the workshop and more!

Students gather around to participate in the intimate partner violence workshop organized yesterday by Advocates at the vigil, from 1-3PM.

Seniors Kori VanDerGeest, Kelly Park and sophomore Kathy Lu study diligently for finals while they participate in the extended vigil.

The camera catches a brief, precious lull in activities at the vigil.

Lights, Camera, ACTION

Below is some footage of the extended vigil outside of Alexander Hall, filmed and edited by the incredibly talented Evyn Espiritu.