Feldblum: Update from the Trustee-Student Task Force on Communication

Dear Students,

On behalf of the Trustee-Student Task Force on Campus Community Communications,  I am writing to give you an update on the work of the Task Force and open up a comment period for you to send in any feedback to the Task Force (please see below for a list of all Task Force members and the Charge of the Task Force).   All comments should be received by February 22, 2012

The Task Force has had 2 meetings, and is scheduled to have 2 more over this next week, February 19 and February 23.   Members have worked to collect information about Board communications, student-trustee interactions, and student representation on Boards from other campuses, and have explored a wide array of ideas. The two Co-Chairs of the Task Force are Jason Rosenthal, PO ‘92 and Lynn Yonekura PO ’70.  The Task Force anticipates presenting a set of recommendations to the Board of Trustees at the February Board of Trustees meeting.

The Task Force is currently exploring recommendations in four areas:

a.      Education

b.      Channels of communication

c.       Better and more timely flow of information

d.      Increasing and improving access

Current ideas under consideration include a more active website with information on the Board of Trustees, how the Board works, contact information for student representatives on Board committees, and selected Trustees, the posting of Board agendas prior to Board meetings and draft meeting summaries or actions taken soon after Board meetings,  comment periods for students to give input on agenda items, Board actions taken or other Board related issues, the selection of a Trustee to serve as a Trustee-Student Liaison and creation of a Trustee-Student Liaison group, additional student representatives on Board committees,  formal and informal dinners with trustees (both for students at large and selected groups of students), and additional opportunities for Board members to discuss what they do, such as during the annual Trustee-Student Retreats, and for information about the Board and its role to be distributed, such as orientation or family weekend.

No final decisions on the recommendations have been made. Over the next two meetings, we hope to prioritize the array of proposed changes, and select recommendations which make the most sense and will have the most impact.

We welcome your feedback, questions, thoughts, suggestions, and concerns. Please send your input to me (Miriam.feldblum@pomona.edu ) and I will forward them to the Task Force.


Dean Feldblum

Charge of the Task Force

The Task Force will review the ideas raised by the students and trustees during the December 14th Student Affairs Committee meeting of the Board of Trustees; explore campus communication mechanisms and other measures adopted by the other college and university boards to promote communication, responsiveness, and understanding between students and trustees; and develop a set of recommendations for the future.

Members of Task Force:

Jason Rosenthal, Co-Chair, PO ‘92

Lynn Yonekura, Co-Chair, PO ‘70

Leslie Appleton, PO ‘12

John Bonacorsi, PO ‘12

Maya Booth, PO ‘14

Nate Brown, PO ‘12

Alice Chan PO ‘14

Miriam Feldblum, VP and Dean of Students

Kathy Lu, PO, ‘14

Meg Lodise, PO ‘85

Frank Sánchez, PO ‘13

Francine Scinto, P ’09, ‘11

Michael Segal, PO ‘79

Emi Young, PO ‘13

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