The Claremont Progressive: Student-Trustee Taskforce: Proposals for Moving Forward

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The Student-Trustee Task Force (otherwise known as the Trustee-Student Task Force on Campus Community Communication) convened for the first time this semester on Sunday, Jan. 29 at Dean of Students Miriam Feldblum’s house. Created to address the issues of communication and transparency raised in the Dec. 14 meeting between trustees and select members of Concerned Pomona Students, the Task Force comprises eight students selected by ASPC, five trustees, and Dean Feldblum. These eight students include seniors Leslie Appleton, Nate Brown, John Bonacorsi, juniors Frank Sanchez and Emi Young, and sophomores Maya Booth, Alice Chan, and Kathy Lu. Jason Rosenthal, PO ’92, and Lynn Yonekura, PO ’70, serve as Co-Chairs of the committee. The other three trustees are Francine Scinto, P’ 09 and ’11, Michael Segal, PO ’79, and Meg Lodise, PO ’85.

The Jan. 29 meeting served as an initial planning session for more concrete proposals to be submitted to the full Board of Trustees, developed over two more meetings on Feb. 12 and 19. These proposals aim to tackle four main areas of concern: (1) Education concerning the Board and its functions; (2) Open and easily accessible channels of communication; (3) Better and more timely information flow; (4) Access to the Board. Many preliminary ideas in consideration revolve primarily around improving communication between students and trustees by establishing direct institutionalized lines of communication.

One such proposal is the creation of a comments period that could be initiated by any one student in response to Board decisions or meeting agendas. The task force is also considering the addition of a student representative on the full Board to be elected at large for two-year terms, the establishment of an email going directly to select trustees that concerned Pomona students could use at any time, and the publication of both Board meeting agendas and detailed meeting minutes in a more timely manner. Another proposal involves the creation of a series of quarterly dinners the night before a Board meeting wherein students and trustees have the opportunity to engage in dialogue about mutually shared ideas and concerns in a more informal setting. Finally, the task force is looking into restructuring the annual Student-Trustee Retreat in order to feature more detailed disclosure of the Board’s activities and a more mutual flow of information.

The next Student-Trustee Task Force meeting is scheduled for Sunday afternoon, Feb. 12. Please share any questions, suggestions, and concerns to Concerned Pomona Students at

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