Media Coverage

Below is a list we have compiled of all media coverage pertaining to the document check process over the last month, ordered chronologically:

ETA: For a more updated list of articles, check out our Media Coverage page!

November 11
Pomona Reviews Employee Documents; WFJ Protest

November 16
Pomona College Food Workers Rally After Documentation Questioned

November 18
Faculty Resolve to Support Workers; Students, Staff Protest Document Checks

Students Should Follow Faculty’s Lead

November 21
Board of Trustees Calls For Document Audit

November 23
Letter to the Pomona College Board of Trustees

December 1
Letter to the Editor: A Response to the Pomona College Board of Trustees

Workers for Justice Boycotts Dining Halls

Alexander Vigil Protests Pomona’s Document Check

December 2
17 Employees Terminated Over Documents; Boycott, Vigil Extended

15 Arrested in Protests Over Documentation Firings

Why I Am a Part of the Alexander Hall Vigil

Vigil Shows Pomona Students at Their Best

Pomona College Protest: Terminated Undocumented Workers Chant ‘We’re Here And We’re Not Leaving’

15 Arrested in Protest of Pomona Dining Hall Firings

December 5
Pomona Terminates 17 Over Documents

Letter to the Editor: A Response to Professor Teter’s Letter

Letter to the Editor: December 5 Reply Letter to the Board

December 10
Letter from Sidley Austin to the Pomona College Community

Letter to the Editor: Hunger Fast Statement of Purpose

December 12
Closed-door meetings scheduled with Pomona College officials over dismissed dining hall workers

December 15
Nasty Bosses on College Campuses

BOT Hears Criticism, Suggestions in Meetings with Faculty, Staff, Students


2 thoughts on “Media Coverage

  1. Ron Jacobs says:

    Good job. Support from Vermont.

  2. Mieko Young says:

    See the February 1 article in the New York Times:

    After Workers Are Fired, an Immigration Debate Roils California Campus
    At Pomona College, dining hall employees are fired after questions about their residency status, prompting a debate over what it means to be a liberal college.

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