We Come in Peace

November 30, 2011

Statement of Presence

Dear President Oxtoby, Dean Conrad, Dean Feldblum, Office of Campus Life, and Campus Safety:

In response to recent events regarding calls for employee document verification, we, a group of concerned Pomona College students, have established a peaceful extended vigil in front of Alexander Hall. After considering a number of possible forms of action, we have made a deliberate decision not to conduct an obtrusive action such as occupying a campus building. It is our hope that the particular course of action we have chosen will not hinder people wishing to carry out their daily work or education. Our statement to the community, which was distributed through email today, contains additional background information on our actions.

We wish to request from you cooperation, open communication, and respect throughout the duration of our presence, and we intend to fully uphold these values ourselves.

Our group is committed to:
1. Communicating clearly and respectfully with all community members.
2. Not obstructing sidewalks or other pathways, including those that lead in and out of Alexander Hall.
3. Abiding by quiet hours and being mindful of our noise levels during all other times.
4. Maintaining a peaceful, nonviolent space.

From your various offices and groups, we respectfully request:
1. Unimpeded access to the lawn spaces surrounding Alexander.
2. That sprinklers on the aforementioned areas be turned off or that we are given information about sprinkler locations and types.
3. Consideration and clear communication from all community members.
4. Campus Safety’s abstention from the use of force and threats of force.
5. An effort to limit involvement by the Claremont Police Department.

We hope we can count on your support. Together, we can work to foster a space for student voices on campus and create channels of communication that all members of our community can access. Please feel free to come speak with us in person if you have any questions or comments.


Concerned Students of Pomona College

Download a PDF version of the statement here:


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