Feldblum: Response to Community Actions

Dear Students,

On Tuesday, November 29th, I sent you an email regarding our community and recent events on campus.  In that message I mentioned the possibility of a boycott of the dining halls and communicated the expectation that students have the right to demonstrate and other students have the right to eat in the dining halls.  I want to take this opportunity to further illuminate expectations regarding these events, especially as the boycotts are continuing.

Some of the demonstrations have been loud while few others have not. I understand that some of the demonstrations have taken place during quiet hours, which are midnight to 8am, Sunday through Thursday, and 2am to 10am Friday and Saturday.    We would like to strike a reasoned balance between students’ rights to demonstrate and students’ rights to a quiet and comfortable living space to study and sleep.  We hope the students and others who choose to demonstrate will adhere to the established quiet hours and not create amplified sound.  Some of the demonstration sites are right next to residential buildings and have violated quiet hours.

If students experience excessively loud noises during quiet hours, I recommend they approach it like any other noise complaint; try and ask the source of the noise to respect and comply with quiet hours.  If the noise continues, please contact Campus Safety (909-607-2000) so they may address the noise and subsequent policy violation.  We have asked Campus Safety to notify the on-call dean so that the on-call dean can respond with the Campus Safety officer and communicate College policy.   As you may have seen, on-call deans may be present during demonstrations and can be an additional source of support, if needed, both for students who are demonstrating and those who are not.   This includes the extended vigil that students are holding outside of Alexander Hall.

As stated in their “Statement of Presence, ”  this group of students is committed to “communicating clearly and respectfully with all community members,” not obstructing access to Alexander, abiding by quiet hours and being mindful of noise levels, and “maintaining a peaceful, nonviolent space.”   In turn, they have asked of the College to respect their rights and presence, including “consideration and clear communication from all community members,” access to the lawn outside Alexander Hall, and limited involvement of Campus Safety or CPD (except for a Campus Safety officer at night).    I support their desire for open, respectful dialogue, and support their rights to express themselves and their presence outside Alexander Hall.

It is my deep hope that as a community, we can all recognize this particularly stressful time.   With final exams, papers and projects coming due in the next weeks, and the continuing events on campus, it is even more important for all of us to be courteous and respectful toward one another, and be open to hearing what others say.

If you would like to discuss this further, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Take care,

Dean Feldblum

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